We have 10 years’ experience of submitting UK Buy-To-Let cases for expats and now we are allowing whole of market UK brokers to benefit from our experience and introduce their clients to a lender they otherwise would not be able to offer to their clients.

Among the facilities offered to our introducers are a quick enquiry form, an online DIP facility as well as online and telephone support, so no matter how unique a case may be our experts are on hand to answer any queries.

Specialist Expat UK Mortgage
Quick formal Decision in
Principle process
Manage the process easily

It takes just 2 minutes

Our Easy Application Process

Our simple process has been designed with you the broker and the client in mind, helping to save you time and manage the process online. Get started by registering your firm with us, then submit a quick enquiry below, receive your formal Decision in Principal and get pre-approved within 48 hours!

STEP 1 – Quick Enquiry Form

Our quick enquiry form allows us to establish whether your client meets criteria. Simply click below and make a quick enquiry- it only takes 60 seconds!

STEP 2 – Formal DIP Form

Our Decision in Principle form allows us to obtain pre-approval from Marsden for your client. Click below to start your formal Decision in Principle.

STEP 3 – Full Application

After completing our registration form, steps 1 and 2 and the Decision in Principle is agreed, you can proceed to your client’s full application!